Department of the Interior
Ann Arbor, MI

USGS Great Lake Science Center Dry Lab Renovation

The Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) is part of the Midwest office of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) whose mission continually evolves. Repurposing of laboratory spaces that were built for research within the spectrum of human consumption and material sciences were enhanced through data-gathering and genetic research, shifting the culture of the facility and the nature of the research. The government program focused on invertebrate studies that impact inland ecology and limnology. Laboratories were created to assist researchers to enhance their understanding of the Midwest fish population, furthering the study of our environmental impact through special labs to analyze tissue as well as Ichthyoplankton collections. The new design benchmarked laboratory best practices as defined by Good Lab Practices (GLP) with the goal of the researchers to collect data and samples, and to create reference libraries. Engineering improvements included new electrical systems to address the sensitive testing equipment. As researchers worked to compile their results, the lab design was fashioned by developing lean processes to improve the work process in addition to improving safety for the principal investigators and technicians.