Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital
Madison, WI

MRI Suite

The Madison VA needed additional capacity in the radiation department and expanding onto the existing main campus building was the preferred strategy. As with many VA facilities, the original capacity was justified by the initial use of a mobile MRI that was regularly based at this facility. As capacity needs increased, the challenge was to find a permanent exterior location adjacent to space with relevant service modalities. Knowing that this was the first step in a multi-step process for future radiology needs, the programming started looking at the location from the patient’s perspective; patient flows, privacy, lighting, colors, and interior materials, all to create a facility that minimized stress and enriched the experience. The aim was to transform the patients experience into a relaxing and engaging process, enhanced by the architecture and interiors, rationalized by the engineering and validated by the medical staff’s interaction. This project at a little over 1,000 square feet, is the starting point to elevate an entire range of new and patient focused imaging services on this campus.