AGILE Community Healthcare
Multiple National Locations, USA

We are working nationally with employers, direct-care and complimentary service providers with a passion for providing cost effective health and wellness solutions to the communities they serve. AGILE Community Healthcare™ facilities provide environments for both health and non-health services, with the objective to improve healthcare delivery through the  integration of a variety of services, such as: ambulatory care, urgent care, procedural services, physical therapy, outpatient diagnostic services, health education and wellness. Designed to accommodate all community members, AGILE Healthcare campuses are planned to adapt to each community’s need for sustainable cost-effective health and wellness.   The planning and programming for AGILE Community Healthcare facilities is bases on population health needs for each community. Initial deployment is bases on establishing patient centered clinical practice and a whole health wellness program with community outreach.  Programs include health and wellness education designed for employees in corporations, first-time parenting classes, care for the aging parent, smoking cessation, healthy cooking classes, and other related Healthy programs for all ages. In addition a Specialty Clinic is provided to meet the unique needs of each patient.   As population warrants dental services, urgent care, ambulatory procedures, fixed imaging, infusion center and short stay observation are anticipated and masterplanned for the campus.