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Dryhootch Plans are Progressing

Dryhootch, located on East Brady Street in Downtown Milwaukee, is a veteran owned business, whose mission is to support our veteran community with resources to make transitioning from military to civilian life easier. To create a warm, casual atmosphere, this Dryhootch also functions as a coffee shop with many types of hot and cold drinks and an assortment of snacks.

Dryhootch is looking to remodel its location on historic Brady street. This effort entitled “Hootchlift” is a three phase project, Nagel Architects + Engineering is currently providing design ideas and overseeing the implementation to really get the most out of this unique location on one of the most recognized streets in Milwaukee.

Currently Dryhootch is looking for help in any form of donations whether it be time, materials, or funds. We hope to create an iconic space for our veteran community and the community as a whole. There will be more to come in the future. In the meantime stop by meet the friendly staff and have a warm cup of joe.

Pulaski Park Exterior

Pulaski Park Pavilion Gets A Face Lift

Nagel Architects + Engineers is providing design services to renovate certain parts of the Pulaski Park Pavilion building, which will help bring it up to code and repair some of the damage from years of wear and tear. The Pulaski Park pavilion is a 5,000 SF structure built in the 1930s. It is currently used by a youth summer camp and there are occasional meetings held at the facility. Because of the date of the building, it does not meet ADA requirements.

One piece of the project is to replace the roof shingles and any damaged structural elements. The rotting trim, fascia, soffits and purlins will need to be replaced or repaired. The exterior of the building will also receive a fresh coat of paint.

Inside the building, a majority of the work involves renovating the men’s and women’s bathrooms to meet ADA code requirements. New plumbing fixtures and ADA accessible toilet compartments will be installed. The front entry door and the bathroom doors will all be demolished and new ADA compliant doors will replace them. The interior work also involves installing new light fixtures and painting in the community room, as well as, updating all emergency exit lighting throughout the main floor.

Cancer Ctr_Option2_Exterior

New Cancer Center Design

Nagel Architects + Engineers was chosen to design a high quality, state-of-the-art Cancer Center.  The 14,000 sq ft project will consist of new space located adjacent to the main hospital. Details include the creation of two new Linear Accelerator Rooms, one CT Simulator Room, multiple infusion therapy rooms, patient exam rooms, support areas and training areas.

This expansion will allow the organization to treat cancer patients in house with the latest technology and service offerings that it traditionally had to refer to a neighboring healthcare organization.

Construction is expected to begin early 2017.