Renovate Community Living Center – Lovell VA

Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago, Illinois

Renovate 3 Wards of Community Living Centers (CLC), Building 134:

Nagel Architects + Engineers provided architectural and engineering design services for the renovations of 3 Wards in building 134 at the James A. Lovell Federal Healthcare Center in North Chicago, IL. The project consisted of general renovations of wards 2C, 3C, and 3B in Building 134 to meet the VA’s current design standards and criteria for Community Living Centers. Designs included Joint Commission patient privacy issues, ADA deficiencies, and Life Safety requirements.

Functional spaces for each ward within the Community Living Center will include areas for Reception, Private and Bariatric Patient Rooms (maximum 20 beds each ward), Activity Room, Kitchen Serveries / Dining Areas, Staff Space and Circulation / Support Spaces as required per VA Space Planning Criteria Chapter 106.  Approximate square footage: 13,500 sq. ft. Construction cost is estimated at $11.5 million.

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