Dry Lab Renovation – USGS Ann Arbor

USGS Great Lakes Science Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dry Lab Renovation:

We are providing for The United States Geological Survey, full Architectural and Engineering and Laboratory Planning Services required for the renovation of the existing laboratories at the Great Lakes Science Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. New laboratory departments will include Molecular Ecology Labs, Limnology Lab, Tissue Preparation and Analysis Lab, Ichthyoplankton Lab, and Invertebrate Ecology Lab. Supporting spaces which will be designed include a new formalin storage area, offices, restrooms, shower areas and kitchen area. Renovating the laboratories will improve space utilization by creating much-needed work stations, balancing the need for work stations and storage areas while maximizing available storage for laboratory supplies and equipment, and ensuring that current needs are met while looking ahead to future needs as well. We are currently provided construction administration services.



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