Central Texas Veterans Health Care System in Temple, Texas

Upgrade Plumbing System & Utilize BIM- Bonham, TX

Bonham Texas Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Nagel Architect + Engineers was contracted to provide architectural, mapping, and plumbing services for building 1 at the Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center (SRMVC). Details include correcting all functional deficiencies related to the plumbing infrastructure as identified by the Department of Veterans Affairs Facility Condition Assessment. The design team also provided site investigation and design services, surveys, contract drawings, specifications, cost estimates, engineering calculations and subsequent construction period services.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) along with laser scanning was used to record all plumbing systems into the new preferred 3-D format providing the creation of a virtual model for the entire system in Building 1. Other features such as property specifications, programming, quantities, quality, pressure, personnel, cost, spaces, and more can be tracked in BIM if desired.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Replace steam sterilization, ultrasonic equipment, chilled water, and steam heating units
  • Replace existing CPVC sprinkler piping with new schedule 40 steel piping
  • Re-insulate steam piping throughout the tunnels
  • Identify cause of drop in water pressure 5 years ago
  • Install boiler plant monitoring panel connected to the Bonham Fire Dept.

Nagel’s responsibility includes project management, architectural components, and plumbing design.

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